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Celestial Pursuits

April 4, 2018

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A citrus floral mix that aims to stir all of our senses with a flowery kaleidoscope of colors and a fragrant burst, Just like Heaven is the newest fragrance from Tory Burch.  This new composition homes on the heels of last year’s Bel Azur, that showcased bergamot, neroli,  peony, vetiver and cedar.

Just Like speaks to the world of bohemian glamor infused with optimism, pleasant memories and positive energy.

This fragrance is composed of juicy and sunny aromas of mandarin combined with rhubarb and hyacinth, leaving the space for vanilla nuances of heliotrope and exotic ylang-ylang flowers at the heart of the composition to create a sweeter and intoxicating effect. At its base is tonka, which contributes to the depth and gourmand-balsamic rhythm, reinforcing its lighthearted tropical character.

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