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Burn Baby, Burn

January 19, 2018

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Fragrant candles have become an expensive indulgence. Whether they are a conduit to some “me time” or they are your go-to gift option, candles hold a magic power that sooths and elevates an average evening at home. And as such they deserve a ceremonious kind of an interplay. To begin this interaction one must accept that there is more to burning a candle then just lightening a match. A proper experience requires etiquette, maintenance and some clever accouterments.


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Trim that thing

Wick length could be the key to your candle’s shelf life. Trim it right before you burn it every time you use it, especially larger candles, which naturally have larger surface for drifting.  A shorter wick length will keep a straighter burn, cleaner surface and longer life span.

Keep it burning for at least two hours

Light it up

During an inaugural light up, keep it burning for at least two hours, depending on the size of the candle. The idea here is that the entire top tier becomes molten before you extinguish it, ensuring an even burn which won’t leave that cavernous looking top layer.

Snuffers are chic-looking safety guards

Requisite regalia

Don’t blow it! Snuffers will ensure that none of the wax ends up on a table top or worse yet, on your company’s face.  Alternatively, seek out candles with a lid. Not only does it protect the candle from dust and dirt; it keeps that smoke where it belongs – under the lid and not in your living room.

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