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Build Your Bowl

Mouthwatering food “bowls” have taken over cookbooks, blogs and Instagram feeds for good reason: there’s something incredibly satisfying – both visually and gastronomically – about a bold variety of flavors and colors being gradually added together until they’re ultimately mixed and devoured.

We like to think of bowls as the artistic option on the menu: they’re customizable, giving you the range to try everything from new bases and blends to sauces and spices. Better yet, they’re a convenient choice if you need to eat on-the-go, serving as a filling all-in-one dish that will have you wishing there was no such thing as a “last bite.” Luckily, you can always come back for more at Treats Food Hall, where several eateries offer a range of hearty, healthy and delectable bowls you can perfect on your own tasteful terms.

Here are a few of our favorite eateries serving up bowls you can “build” on your own:

Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen

A Mediterranean medley awaits at Zuuk, where traditional flavors and contemporary, worldly influences create bowls that are bursting with savory and nutritious ingredients. Start with a base of Turmeric Basmati Rice, Bulgar, Cauliflower Rice, Lentils, Greens or a mix of greens and grains, then choose up to three dips and spreads – you can’t go wrong with Hummus, Tzatziki, Baba Ghanoush or Feta Mint & Lemon. Bulk it up with some veggies or protein, such as Lamb Kefte or Falafel, and best of all, enjoy unlimited toppings. You read that right. Feta and Tabbouleh, here we come.

Poke 305

Sprung from a dream to combine the traditional Hawaiian poké dish with a love of Latin flavors, Poke 305’s bright and delicious bowls are made with fresh and organic ingredients. Kick off your poke bowl masterpiece with some rice, top it off with raw fish (spicy tuna, anyone?) or chicken, and add some refreshing fruits and veggies (looking at you, mango and guacamole). Fill in the blanks with legumes, seeds and toppings, and last but never least, ask for a drizzle of those homemade sauces. Talk about a feast for the eyes, stomach and soul.


One of the latest eateries to join our Treats Food Hall lineup, Jrk! is an evolutionary take on Jamaican cuisine, combining authentic traditions with a commitment to heathy dining – and, of course, a flavorful kick! The eatery’s Signature Bowls include Classic Jerk chicken, Jerk BBQ, Jamrock Pepper Steak, Oxtail, Vegan Jerk and more. Each one includes grains, like rice and peas or Jerk Quinoa, fruits and veggies such as pineapple plantains, peppers and onions, and extra spice in the forms of slaw or tropical salsa. The Sweet Scotch Bonnet Cauliflower and Crispy Yuca Sticks are the cherries on top.


This eatery warrants no introduction, but we’re going to make you salivate anyway. The Chipotle bowl is essentially a burrito in a healthier form. Load up on protein – including vegetarian options like Sofritas – add beans, veggies and the new Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice, and you’ve got a flavorful and nutritious meal. It’s a great option for all our Paleo and Vegan friends, as well as those on Keto and Whole30®. Don’t forget the grand finale: a dollop of guac (and sour cream, if you dare…).

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