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Beyond Peru: Experience CVI.CHE 105

Juan Chipoco is more than just the head chef of a growing restaurant concept; he is the herald of a cultural and culinary institution that many have credited with bringing Peruvian food to Aventura.

CVI.CHE 105 skyrocketed to popularity after its debut in Miami over a decade ago. Since then, Chipoco has expanded the concept to additional locations, including Aventura Mall, where it remains one of the city’s most renowned dining destinations.

“Freshness is a key quality for a great ceviche, along with the right ingredients, such as our Peruvian peppers,” said Chef Chipoco. “What is most important, however, is the personal touch and passion we have for creating unique and delicious gastronomic experiences.”

A native of Lima, Peru, Chef Chipoco came to Miami at age 25. He spent nearly two decades working his way up the ranks of the restaurant business before embarking on the revolutionary venture that would become CVI.CHE 105.

With a menu that blends both traditional Peruvian staples and unique twists on the cuisine, the restaurant has maintained a cult following, with many flocking to it to try Peruvian food for the first time.

“Peruvian cuisine has many influences,” noted Chef Chipoco. “This allows us to deconstruct, adapt and come up with new creations based on many dishes, ingredients and textures that we currently use.”

Traditional menu favorites include the award-winning ‘Ceviche Ganador,’ which is made with fresh fish and selected seafood, Arequipan onions, cilantro, sweet potato, cancha and steamed corn. The dish is topped with a smoked red pepper sauce and touches of limo and rocoto pepper.

Other menu items include refreshing cocktails, sushi rolls infused with Peruvian flavor, and Arroz Chaufa—Peru’s take on Chinese fried rice.

Chef Chipoco’s favorite dish on the menu, however, is aptly named ‘Mi Favorito.’ It consists of linguini with basil, spinach and fresh Peruvian parla cheese sauce. A succulent, grilled churrasco steak completes the dish.

CVI.CHE 105 is located in the outdoor dining area of the new wing, next to Aventura Slide Tower. It offers indoor and outdoor dining, pickup and delivery. Call 786-516-2818 to learn more.

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