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Bespoke You

January 10, 2018

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If you like to mix uptown chic vibes with a little downtown edge Bond No. 9, a perfumery renowned for its New York-inspired scents, offers a one of kind, custom-blending service.


Here’s how it works. At the brand’s Aventura Mall boutique, a fragrance consultant will create your customized dream blend based on personal selection of as many of its scents as you like. It’s a fun and personal way to be the architect of your own olfactory signature.

Customized blending counter

“Bespoke and custom blending is the future, for everything now…for shoes and clothing and perfume,” explained Bond No. 9 founder Laurice Rahmé. “People just don’t want to smell like everyone else.”


These alchemic experiments are blended into ready-to-use pump spray

bottles or into one of Bond No. 9’s vintage flacons and start at $350 up to $1,500. But for something far more unprecedented and lavish Private Bond, the world’s first mix-at-home fragrancing system, allows scent-oholics to whip up their own blends whenever the mood suits them. Private Bond consists of three 42-ounce amphora-vitrines and three pump spray bottles for a whopping $6,600.

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