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Belle Donne

To honor International Women’s Day Pomellato once again teamed up with Jane Fonda, Chiara Mastroianni, Chiara Ferragni and others to convey a message of inclusiveness and sisterhood in the powerful ‘Pomellato Sisterhood Initiative’ campaign. For the second year in a row, Jane Fonda and other inspiring individuals help Pomellato to lead the charge, championing female empowerment, achievement, leadership and equality with the #PomellatoForWomen. To better understand the intention behind this activation we checked in with Nathalie Diamantis, president of jewelry for the Americas for Kering, the umbrella company that oversees Pomellato, who filled us in on the details.


AM: What does empowering women mean to you exactly?
ND: Women’s empowerment is knowledge and use of individual strengths and personal potential. We must empower ourselves to always be the best in every way and extend out of our own comfort zones. We don’t wait for things to happen to us we make them happen!


AM: How do you tie that idea to Pomellato’s ethos?
ND: Pomellato has always celebrated the woman. Jewels are self-gratifying and none more than Pomellato with rich colors, unique and patented designs. Each jewel is created for a women’s enjoyment and satisfaction! Our own teams are filled with talented women who are passionate pour their souls into the brand starting with our Global CEO, Sabina Belli.


AM: Do you find that the jewelry business is still dominated by men?
ND: Like many industries, there are women at all levels of the jewelry business: owners, CEOs, CFOs, directors, designers, craftswomen, professionals of all kinds. The diamond business is most likely still majority men but the overall industry is rich with female participants and I expect there to be more and more!


AM: How is Pomellato changing that status quo?
ND: Pomellato is proud to have a global female CEO and over half of senior leadership and women of tremendous talent and gravitas. In the workforce of Pomellato 75% are in fact women at all levels. They are the best at what they do!


AM: What impresses you about Jane Fonda?
ND: Her power, beauty and talent!


AM: With such a strong Italian DNA, what do you hope American women can find most relatable about your brand?
ND: Pomellato is Milanese which means it leads in Italianity, design, beauty and sensibility. All women relate to Italian culture as do men in particular to its link to the renaissance and how western culture has evolved to today. It’s not a thought, or a taste, it’s a sensibility of form. Pomellato women are all over the world!

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