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Back To Campus Trend Watch: CUR8 Your Style

Classes are nearly back in session, and while many of us haven’t been on campus in quite some time, there are plenty of fun and stylish fashion trends on the rise.

This season, chic comfort is a top priority, while bright colors and bold prints guarantee everyone can feel their personal best.

Whether gearing up to go back to campus or making sure you’re always Zoom- and selfie-ready, here are the hottest trends for the new school year and where to find them.

Chill 90s Vibes

The 90’s are back—hopefully for good this time, if we have anything to say about it! Nostalgia is all the rage, and coupled with the bright colors, casual grunginess and free-spirited nature of the decade’s style, it’s easy to see why tie dye and rocker tees are seeing a resurgence.

Feeling sublime? Urban Outfitters is an excellent one-stop shop for all your vintage essentials, ensuring you can continue to rock out with your classmates throughout the year. The brand has a wide selection of vintage, distressed rocker tees in a variety of cuts, from oversized to cropped.

‘90s grunge fashion is one of the most enduring and iconic style movements of our time. The footwear treed that went along with it, black combat boots. Pair them with flannel and sweats, and maybe play a little Kurt Cobain and you will epitomize the disheveled aesthetic that defined this decade. This complete look can be found at H&M.

Available at Free People, Chaser is an LA-based design house dedicated to the evolution of style – and raised on rock and roll. This ACDC graphic tee, for instance, features retro, leopard print in a longline silhouette.

On the Prowl

Animal print is back. (Though let’s be honest, did it ever really leave?) These prints are bold, timeless, and great for exuding confidence in the classroom—virtual or otherwise.

Chic, neutral and refined, the “Aja” dress by Paige features a warm zebra print and is easy to slip into before those early morning classes. Pair it with bold jewelry to dress it up for post-school-day activities.

For those in search of versatility, Anthropologie offers attractive athleisurewear that can keep you comfortable while you are on the move during the school day. The Onzie Bell Cropped Cami and matching Sarya Leggings showcase a bold leopard print accented with florals. Throw on a loose-fitting jacket to look boho-chic and stay warm while the A/C is blasting indoors.

Ready to carve and grind? Whether popping a wheelie or strutting your stuff through campus, skaters and style gurus alike will enjoy these fun, leopard print slide-on sneakers by Vans.

A Little “Fluff” Never Hurt

Fuzzy slippers have seen a surprising, yet welcome, surge in popularity lately. Whether cozying up at home for a late-night study session or looking for some palliative footwear for a long lecture, it’s no surprise fuzzy slippers have slowly slipped into daywear.

UGG both popularized and revolutionized the fuzzy boot, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve dominated the fuzzy-slipper market. Their “Fluff Yeah” collection is available at Urban Outfitters and offers plush, walkable comfort with a stylish edge that makes it suitable for wearing out and about or at home.

Pulling an all-nighter but don’t want to sacrifice comfort? The Emu Mayberry slipper is a hot Australian fashion trend that has recently made a strong foothold in the U.S. It is easily one of the cutest options for an under-the-desk slip. It can be found at both Nordstrom and Free People.

Oversized, But Never Over-The-Top

Let’s face it, sometimes an oversized sweatshirt is just the “mood,” and it is now a fashion staple. Perfect as an understated option for a calm afternoon studying on the quad, baggy “boyfriend” sweatshirts are among the most in-demand fashion staples on the market right now.

For those looking to make a statement, PacSun offers several fun, logo sweatshirt designs. The “Happy Mind” Crewneck, for instance, was designed by LA fashion house Desert Dreamer, and is both colorful and uplifting.

Forever 21 has mastered the art of making cozy look cute, as showcased by the Heather Grey sweatshirt, which can be paired with matching sweatpants if desired. Add a cute bag or some comfortable shorts for an easy, on-the-go look that will keep you warm in the coldest of classrooms.

Layered Florals:

With the school year in full-bloom, delicate floral pieces are a must-have item.

Whether it’s a flowy skirt or a banded dress, these versatile items will add a hint of elegance to any look.

Pro-tip: Go for the floral on floral.

Denim for Days:

A good pair of jeans is the perfect way to polish your virtual class look. Thankfully, there are plenty of denim trends from which to choose.

From Levi’s ribcage high-waisted pants to Madewell’s ‘70s inspired, wide-leg flares, there is a pair of jeans to flatter everybody.

Pro Tip: Denim on Denim is always a good idea.

To shop these and other hot back-to-campus trends, visit Aventura Mall today or call (305) 935-1110 to learn more.

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