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As One We Stand

There are moments in history when remaining silent is simply not an option. This is one of them. We at Aventura Mall stand in solidarity with those seeking justice and equality. We stand with the citizens of our nation who are peacefully protesting to demand reform and to shine a light on the systemic racism that plagues our country.

So many within our community are speaking up as well and we are proud to stand as one. As one community, we can keep a productive dialogue going and take tangible steps as we seek a better world.


We stand in solidarity with our brands, who have demonstrated their support and fervent belief that Black Lives Matter. We stand as one with Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Coach and many others.

Here are some ways we all can show our support.

  • Register to vote. Then, make your voice heard in upcoming elections.
  • Reach out to your elected officials and demand specific reform.
  • Check in on your friends, family, and colleagues. Ask how you can help support them.
  • Educate yourself and read up on the issues.
  • Share resources to inform those around you.
  • Have the difficult conversations and don’t be afraid to say the wrong things. Share your experiences, listen to others and from there will spring deeper understanding.

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