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Adult-Approved Sweets

Everyone needs a sweet pick-me-up every now and then – and, if you ask us, we think adults need them most of all. There’s something comforting yet exciting about indulging in a decadent treat, reminding us all of fun, after-school ice creams and birthday cakes, which will always carry a touch of nostalgia. Yet, as we grow up, our taste buds often signal to us that our saccharine cravings need a sprinkle of sophistication…

That’s where Aubi & Ramsa and Quore Gelato come in.

Combining two of our favorite guilty pleasures – liquor and sweets – these alcohol-infused treats are everything you want after a week of meetings, or as a delicious way to simply take a moment and celebrate life. Better yet: they’re ice cold, serving as the ideal complement to the South Florida sunshine.

Have we tempted you yet? Learn a bit more about our two favorite adult-approved sweets at Aventura Mall – because your kids aren’t the only ones who deserve dessert!

Aubi & Ramsa

Elevated and indulgent, Aubi & Ramsa’s flavors are as scrumptious as the 21+ Ice Cream Distillery is sleek. Grab a seat at the modern industrial bar and take your pick from a range of seasonal flavors and Miami staples, including Agave Dulce de Leche, made with Milagro Reposado Tequila; Japanese Pearl Drop Champagne Sorbet, made with Veuve Clicquot, SOTO Sake and Chambord; and The Dirty Mojito, made with Zacapa 23 (and mint sprinkles!)

If you’re more of a cozy chocolate or coffee type, opt for The White Russian, a velvety coffee liquor ice cream with Beluga and St. George Nola; The Jack & Chocolate (the flavors are in the name!) or The Chocolate and Amaretto. Close your eyes, take that first bite, and allow yourself to melt into the deliciousness.

Aubi & Ramsa is located on the Lower Level. You must be 21 or older to indulge.

Quore Gelato

Gelato and liquor? It’s a love story made in Italy. Enjoy a luxurious moment at Quore Gelato, passionately developed by two of the world’s best gelato makers, Malcolm Stogo and Maestro Gelatiere. Creamy textures and rich flavors are born from naturally sourced ingredients and world-class liquors made in Italia. The brand’s 20+ flavors will instantly transport you to la dolce vita, whether you go for a fruity Mange E Vodka, a classic Margherita, a unique Fico Di Ricotta E Cognac, or a delectable Tiramisú E Liquore Al Caffé. Even just reading the flavors is enticing us to skip dinner and go straight for dessert.

Quore Gelato is located on the Upper Level. You must be 21 or older to indulge.

For more information on our dessert offerings, visit or call 305-935-1110.

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