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A Dad-Approved Dinner, According to Chef Michael Mina

Father’s Day is around the corner — do you know what’s on the menu? Treat your dad to a special dinner to show your appreciation for his parenting panache. Award-winning chef Michael Mina isn’t just a culinary master, but he’s also a father himself. We chatted with globally renowned chef to find out his personal dad-approved menu items at his restaurant, Estiatorio Ornos.

A Dad-Approved Dinner, According to Chef Michael Mina
Mykonos Cocktail

Dad-Approved Drinks
Everyone could use celebratory libation, especially dads. Fathers work hard 365 days a year, so why not offer a mini vacation? Transport your dad to the Greece with the Mykonos cocktail. Mina’s recommendation includes Hendrick’s gin, Kleo’s mastiha and aperol, paired with refreshing cucumber and lemon.

A Dad-Approved Dinner, According to Chef Michael Mina
Melon Salad

Dad-Approved Appetizers
It’s time to make a first impression. Mina loves the menu’s melon salad for first comers and return guests to Estiatorio Ornos. Being a Greek restaurant, there’s no doubt feta is on the restaurant’s delicious menu. The light and flavorful dish includes feta cheese, pistachio, lime and mint.

A Dad-Approved Dinner, According to Chef Michael Mina
Grilled Rib-Eye Steak “Brizola” Surf and Turf, Broiled King Crab, Handcut Taverna Fries, Broccolini

Dad-Approved Dishes
Chef Mina is a master at making marvelous menus. With more than 40 restaurants around the world and a cookbook, he knows how to create a stellar main course. Make sure dad brings his A-game and his appetite to dinner for the chef’s three top entrée picks. Capturing the flavors of the Mediterranean Sea, Mina brings authentic Greek seafood to the forefront in dishes like the Grilled Rib-Eye Steak “Brizola” Surf and Turf and the Broiled King Crab. Both dishes make a superb complement to the restaurant’s taverna fried and broccolini.

A Dad-Approved Dinner, According to Chef Michael Mina

Dad-Approved Desserts
What’s a Father’s Day dinner without dessert? Baklava has a rich Greek history. The dish hails from the Central Asian Turkic region and made its way to Greek isles under the Ottoman rule. The centuries-old dessert is timeless, but Mina has managed to reinvent this classic with his own flavor and flair. Mina’s baklava is made from toasted walnuts, honey syrup, and sweet vanilla bean ice cream.

Ready to visit Estiatorio Ornos this Father’s Day? We know your mouth is watering. To make a dine-in reservation, call 786-697-1681

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