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8 Ways to Practice Self Love This Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2018

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Valentine’s Day is the holiday for love, but there’s one very important person who deserves your attention on February 14 – you. Make Valentine’s Day special and take an opportunity to treat yourself.


Take the Total Beauty Journey

Photo Courtesy of Clarin’s

You’ll enjoy the best with Clarin’s menu of spa beauty experience that dot every “i” and cross every “t.” The treatments combine well-being and proven effectiveness for the ultimate list of targeting treatments.



Just Say “Om”

Open your heart and serenade your seven chakras with the sound of “om.” Get your morning dose of gratitude at our Open Your Heart Yoga + Brunch event on February 10 at 9 a.m. From downward dog to mimosas, you’ll feel balanced and at peace. RSVP to strike a pose with us in the new wing by Zara.


Open Your Heart Yoga + Brunch

Pamper Yourself

Feel brand new with a fresh mani and pedi. Visit Ocean Breeze Beauty Salon & Spa for the full-on royal treatment. From traditional nude to nail art, the talented nail technicians will make you feel even more fabulous. Have self-love at your fingertips!

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Heighten Your Senses

Scents are known to soothe the mind and transform moods. Odors can wake up the body, provide a sense of calm, and even provide a familiar reminder of home. Draw a bath, turn the lights down low, and set a few of Jo Malone candles ablaze. Let the smell of lavender fill the room as your thoughts are transported to the French Riveria. Tres chic.

Lavendar & Lovage Home Candle at Jo Malone, $65

Do Some Research

Self-care shouldn’t feel like a chore. Make this one-time “me” day an ongoing ritual to rejuvenate your spirit, protect your mental health and free your mind from stress. Find this helpful little manual at Anthropologie to start living a better, more mindful life. The activity book features 100 ways to feel refreshed and in touch with your inner self. Think of what you can accomplish when your mind is ready to take on the world.

The Little Book of Self-Care at Anthropologie, $14.99

Be the Bomb

You already know you’re the bomb, so why not treat yourself to one! Draw a warm bath and utilize one of Lush’s Valentine’s Day-themed bath bombs. What better way to love yourself than a few hours of precious “me” time?

Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs at Lush; Prices vary.

Treat Yourself to Retail Therapy

Know that you’re in the right head space, treat yourself to some of your deepest wardrobe wants. Stroll into our new wing to discover favorite chic retail giants like Zara, Topshop, and Topman. Dressing to the nines can be a simple and effective way to show yourself some tender love and care.

Polka Dot Dress at Zara, $49.90

Cuddle Up with Your Fur Baby

There are countless scientific studies that prove pets improve mental health. Animals can calm stress, sweep away anxiety and alleviate sadness. Ultimately, four-legged friends are thought to help enhance the mood of their owners. Take some time to show your mind some care as you cuddle up with your furry friend.


Photo by Pete Bellis

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