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5 Trends to Love or Leave in 2018

January 5, 2018

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Out with the old and in with the bold! We won’t deny that 2017 had some outstanding trends, but we’re ready to retire a few of this year’s more ephemeral statements. We’re sharing out head-to-toe roundup of trends to love or leave behind. What closet swaps will you choose for 2018?

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“Millennial” has consistently ranked as the most overused term of the last few years, yet we still named a color after it. While pink is always a feminine and fun option, it’s time to bury “Millennial Pink” in a graveyard of etymology.

Love It: Burnt Orange

Mara Hoffman Penelope Cropped Top at Anthropologie, $280

Designers from Calvin Klein to Marc Jacobs sent burnt orange down the Spring/Summer 2017 runways with much adoration for the warm hue. Appearing on accessories and clothing alike, burnt orange is a must-have color for your 2018 palette.

The Shoe

Leave It: Sneaker Boots

Chiara Ferragni via Fab Fashion Fix

No offense to trendsetters like Chiara Ferragni, but we’ll take our sneakers and heels à la carte. Elevated kicks made a few laps in fashion this summer, but the athletic trend has cooled down since its peak.

Love It: White Boots

Oran Stiletto Boot at Sam Edelman, $130

White boots evolved in fall of 2017 thanks to “it” girls like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, but this trend’s footprint will carry on through 2018. As the unsung hero of every shoe collection, white boots are interchangeably perfect for both casual and glamorous looks.

The Outerwear

Leave It: Bomber Jacket

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The bomber jacket had a great run, but 2018’s outwear needs a chic makeover. The tried and true aviator style took the year to new heights, but spring calls for a lightened change.

Love It: Trench Coat

Linen Trench Coat at Zara, $119

Keep cool and chic in Miami with a lightweight linen trench coat. Zara’s nude-colored coat features convenient flap pockets, a stylish back cape and a relaxed silhouette.

The Bag

Leave It: Bucket Bag

Photo via

All good things must come to an end. While bucket bags have reigned supreme in the accessory world all year, it’s time to put your carry-all to rest and try something with a bit more movement.

Love It: Fringe Bags

Triplette Leather Clutch at Fendi, $1,870

Fringe fiercely dominated the runways in 2017, paving the way for the embellishment to make waves in the New Year. Three is better than one, so Fendi’s fringe leather clutch looks even better when layered with its two complementary patches.

The Makeup

Leave It: Lollipop Lips

Photo Courtesy of Mac Cosmetics

Two words that make us cringe when joined together: lollipop lips. We’re not sure who spearheaded this sticky trend, but we’re ready to leave messy makeup and candy-inspired kisses behind for good.

Love It: Glassy Lips

Gloss Volume Plumping Lip Gloss at Chanel, $30

Shatter the glass ceilings of 2018 with crystalline, kissable lips. Not only will your lips look dewy with this clear coat of Chanel’s gloss lip gloss, but they’ll also be voluminous thanks to the natural plumper.

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