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5 Instagrammable Places at Aventura Mall

As self-proclaimed Instagram aficionados, we completely understand the importance of snapping the perfect insta- pic that updates your followers and reels in likes and comments. With hundreds of shops, over 50 restaurants and eateries, and 20 art-installations, Aventura Mall is at no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots. We scoured the mall and came up with this list of the top five, tried and true, Instagrammable spots that’ll immediately update your feed. All you have to do now is pick one (or five), snap your pic, post and hashtag #AventuraMall.


1. LOVE by Robert Indiana

There’s no doubt that Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture is one of the most photographed and posed with sculptures ever (and for good reason). You won’t want to pass on the chance to pose with this iconic piece… it’ll make the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram.

2. Gorillas in the Mist by The Haas Brothers 

Gorilla’s in the Mist is the mall’s backdrop that doesn’t look like a mall at all. Get creative and strike a pose on your favorite gorilla- just be careful not to get splashed!


3. Jorge Pardo’s Untitled

Possibly one of the most photographed spots at the mall; visible from all three levels, Jorge Pardo’s installation features 96 lamps in the form of butterflies. We suggest you take your pic from the third floor to get the best view.

4. Louis Vuitton 

Yes, display windows change all the time, but Louis Vuitton’s is always a great spot for a photo-op.

5. Rooftop Terrace


Aventura Mall’s Rooftop Terrace is endlessly instagrammable. Anyone who’s anyone on Instagram knows you can never go wrong with a vibrant mural. Nat Dee’s “Cherish Home” is no exception- trust us, it’s a crowd-pleaser. That’s not all, though. The rooftop terrace also happens to have the best view of the Aventura Slide Tower, so you can forget standing in front of the slide in wait for that clear shot.

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