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2020’s Top Home Trends By Maisons du Monde

January 20, 2020

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Make 2020 your most inspired year yet! Maisons du Monde presents you the trendiest ways to play with your furniture and decor at home for the next 12 months.


Embrace the Color of the Year


Exuding calm and confidence, blue has been dubbed the shade to watch. Add the classic color to your home with easy updates like textiles, tableware and accessories throughout your space. For extra serenity, blue works best in the bedroom where its presence is proven to help you sleep better.

Your Year to Shine


Step into the roaring twenties with metallic accents that will never dull your home. What better way to mark a new decade than channeling Gatsby and partying on throughout the year? Statement, golden furniture will ensure the party never ends.

Give Yourself Room to Grow


Dreaming of your very own secret spot? Get back to nature with a garden room or corner. You can bring a space to life with plenty of plants, botanical prints and vibrant vases. For a truly Instagram-worthy look, opt for some stylish hanging planters.

Travel the World…


 …from your bed or couch. Explore global influences at home with ornate details, vibrant colors and oversized features. The exotic style is all about taking inspiration from all corners of the world; be it French chateaus, Moroccan lounges or Japanese bathrooms.

Get Outdoors More


 Take the time to perfect your backyard, patio, porch or balcony to guarantee hours of bliss outside. No excuses, you live in The Sunshine State after all!

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