The Striking Look- Must Be Love On The Brain

The Striking Look- Must Be Love On The Brain

By Esther Fernandez


This past Thursday we had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of the monumental LOVE sculpture by the late Robert Indiana. This new installation to the world- class art collection Aventura Mall exhibits is as universal as the word itself. The LOVE sculpture is one of the most iconic pieces in modern art today. The LOVE sculpture attracts tourists in cities around the world, and now Aventura Mall showcases it too.


Robert Indiana was inspired by the “God is love” slogan from his childhood church experiences, he explored the subject of love in several paintings before creating the LOVE image. He was trying to bring [the word] down to its essence. In the most meaningful and recognizable form possible. The tilted O made the word a little more dynamic.


Just like his original intention for using the word LOVE, I believe if we show true love to one another this world would be a better place. Demonstrating love is the foundation to true happiness, being intentional and doing something bigger than one self is the core to the universal word. It is believed that love is one of the most beautiful and powerful forces known to men.

I love the fact that now we have this sculpture and many other world-class installations by renowned internationals as well as local Miami artists. South Florida has become well-known for its thriving art scene and the epic collections throughout our city. Aventura Mall displays more than 20 contemporary pieces. For more information, visit:


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