International Smoke in Aventura Mall showcases global BBQ

International Smoke in Aventura Mall showcases global BBQ

Steph Curry is an NBA superstar, and while he shines on the court, his wife, chef Curry, is taking her talents to a new South Florida restaurant.

Where there’s International Smoke, there’s fire.

Michael Mina, chef: “International Smoke is the beauty of barbecue, global barbecue, so barbecue from the United States as well as barbecue from many different countries.”

The Aventura Mall eatery is the brain child of Chef Michael Mina and foodie, celebrity cook and NBA wife, Ayesha Curry.

As in Stephen Curry’s other half.

Ayesha Curry: “Anywhere you go, people barbecue, and what does barbecue represent? It represents family and people gathering together.”

Ayesha’s family provided star power to last night’s grand opening.

Because Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors were in town to play the Miami Heat, Steph stopped by for something to eat!

Ayesha Curry: “My husband, anytime he comes in, he always does the mac and cheese with the burnt ends, which are the rib tips.”

International Smoke is all about global grilling.

Michael Mina: “We take influences from all over the world in the techniques and in the flavors.”

From the roasted veggies to the barbecue chips, the menu is a tasty mash up.

Ayesha Curry: “Growing up, my mom would always make this amazing green seasoning. It has tons of herbs in it and scotch bonnet peppers, but it was usually used as a marinade, so I switched it up a little bit and made it so that it could be a dipping sauce.”

Even the ribs are a tasty trip around the world.

Michael Mina: “We have the traditional American barbecue, and then we have El Pastor, and then we do Korean, a good, spicy Korean barbecue rib, so that’s kind of the heart and soul of the menu.”

Mos Adam Ozanich, customer: “It’s an experience in terms of your taste buds. If you are are looking for a traditional meal, you can get that here, but if you want more of a culinary experience, then this is definitely the place to be.”

Just about everything is smoked, brûléed or grilled.

The seafood platter is charcoal grilled, and the Sinaloa chicken is roasted over an open flame.

Don’t just take our word that the food is good. Check out who showed up to the International Smoke in San Francisco.

Ayesha Curry: “President Obama coming into the restaurant was insane. There is no other word to categorize it.”

When most people think of barbecue, they think meat on a grill.

Ayesha says International Smoke is so much more.

Ayesha Curry: “It’s just infusing all of that woodsy flavor into the food.”


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International Smoke
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Aventura, FL 33180

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