New Year, New Office Space

Have you ever thought of your office as a sanctuary? It’s a source of inspiration where your prized ideas illuminate the room. Start 2017 with a fresh new outlook and attitude with a little help from refreshing office décor.

Time Keeper

It’s time to elevate the sophistication of your office space, seriously. Keep track of dates and time without having to fish in your pocket for your smartphone by opting for a desk clock or calendar. Cartier’s luxury marquetry clock is finished in palladium sterling silver and an ombre of iolite cabochon in sea blues. If you’re apt to forget dates, Tiffany & Co.’s sleek perpetual calendar in sterling silver is an elegant addition to any desk.
New Office Space 001
Autre Collection Clock at Cartier, $42,700
New Office Space 002
Tiffany 1837 Perpetual Calendar at Tiffany & Co., $360

Frills for Phones

Your iPhone may travel with you everywhere you venture, but it’s undeniably a huge party of your office life. Dress up your fun with a bold and eclectic case for a conversation piece that carries from desk to dates. We personally love the playful nod to Karl Lagerfeld on Fendi’s Karlito case. For a more adventurous look, Gucci’s signature Bengal tiger symbol will give you the boldness to be a complete boss.
New Office Space 003
Karlito Cover at Fendi, $600
New Office Space 004
Gucci Bengal iPhone 6 Case at Gucci, $260

Recipe to Writer’s Block

Avid to-do list makers and prolific writers alike should feel energized and inspired by the tools they use. As weapons of mass creation, details like writing folders and pens hold a lot of power. Heighten your handwriting with regal rollerball pens from Montblanc and Faber-Castell. Don’t forget to store your brilliant ideas in a signature Louis Vuitton writing folder or a bright Fringe journal that suits your personality.
New Office Space 005
Bohème Doué Moongarden Rollerball Pen at Montblanc, $785
New Office Space 006
Rollerball Ambition Rhombus Pen at Faber-Castell, $95
New Office Space 007
Writing Folder PM Monogram at Louis Vuitton, $1,170
New Office Space 008
“Live the Life You Love” Fringe Leather 3-Piece Desk Set at Bloomingdale’s, $45

Let the Be Light

Metaphorically, light bulbs going off in offices mean that great ideas are being born. In a more literal sense, light bulbs bring much-needed vibrancy and cast attention to a room. Night owls can rejoice with stylish desk lamps to illuminate their productivity.
New Office Space 009
Gumball Desk Lamp at Urban Outfitters, $59
New Office Space 010
Lite Source Lamp at Macy’s, $239

Trendy Trinkets

Guilty of having your desk become a black hole? From paper clips to pens, tiny little office utilities can accumulate into insufferable clutter. Get things tidy and tackle the less than desirable disarray with trinket trays and desk organizers.
New Office Space 011
Ananas Trinket Dish & Clips at Anthropologie, $18
New Office Space 012
Striped Trinket Holder at Henri Bendel, $58
New Office Space 013
Codify Pencil Holder at Anthropologie, $48
New Office Space 014
I Am Paperclips at Peace Love World, $2

Beauty in Utility

We’ve got the pleasant appearance down, but what about the utility? Add a shine to everyday office supplies and rework your desk with a Midas touch. Adding luxe gold and acrylic accents to your workplace can help turn mundane tasks into little pleasures. We didn’t think stapling could feel so good, but here we are.
New Office Space 015
U Brands Rose Goldtone Tape Dispenser at Nordstrom, $12
New Office Space 016
Kate Spade New York Acrylic Stapler at Nordstrom, $28

The Art of the Letter

Take a break from the computer screen and go back to basics. Letter writing is a personal and precious treasure. Take a little time to show your gratitude with sumptuous stationery from The Scarlett Letter. On the less exciting chance that an electric bill needs opening, Michael Aram’s posh letter opener will make the task far more bearable.
New Office Space 017
Assorted Cards and Stationery at The Scarlet Letter. Prices vary.
New Office Space 018
Michael Aram Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass at Bloomingdale’s, $130

Inspired by Scents

Your office doesn’t have to feel like an office. Step outside of your boundaries and voyage to a far off place with the gift of fragrance. From an English garden to enchanted woods and pine, scents have the power to transform a room.
New Office Space 019
Scented Candle Collection at Burberry, $115
New Office Space 020
Pomegranate Noir Scent Surround™ Room Spray at Jo Malone, $65
New Office Space 021
Elixir Classic Candle at Penhaligon’s, $45

Datebook Décor

The days of being fashionably late are out of style. Stick to your appointments and never miss a social gathering again with the help of playful agenda or calendar.’s popular “I Am Very Busy” agenda features motivational cartoons, stickers, and other adorable additions. While an agenda is perfect for the woman on-the-go, a classic wall calendar like Rifle Paper & Co.’s Bon Voyage calendar will dress up a blank wall with ease.
New Office Space 022
I Am Very Busy Agenda at Nordstrom, $32
New Office Space 023
Bon Voyage 2017 Calendar at Anthropologie, $26

Zen Vibes

You may not be able to bring your yoga mat to the office, but can we just say it’s time to take a collective breathe in and exhale into a happier workplace. Namaste on the job with delicate, relaxing desk décor. Terrariums are a quick fix for happy thoughts and can add a color pop to a bland space. For moments when you’re in dire need of a vent session, take your hand off the mouse and rake your way through Urban Outfitters’ clever Zen garden.
New Office Space 024
Cathy’s Concepts Monogram Glass Terrarium at Nordstrom, $58
New Office Space 025
Mini Zen Garden at Urban Outfitters, $12

Workplace Playlist

Who needs a conference table when you can have a turntable? Studies around the world show that music boosts productivity and creativity in the office. Introduce a retro record to kick the Monday blues or stream your favorite Spotify playlist from a Bluetooth radio for a mood booster.
New Office Space 026
Crosley Spinnerette Portable Turntable at Brookstone, $149.99
New Office Space 027
Triple C BluCube Bluetooth Speaker at Macy’s, $45

On the Grind

Adding a wake up station to your office is a vital no-brainer. Awaken your senses and feed your creativity with a personal coffee maker to satisfy your caffeine cravings at any given moment. This vintage-style single brew coffee maker from Urban Outfitters serves up 10-14 oz. As if a turquoise coffee maker isn’t cute enough, you can’t turn down an opportunity to choose a quotable coffee mug to match your sass.
New Office Space 028
The Created Co. ‘Coffee First’ Mug at Nordstrom, $14
New Office Space 029
Single Brew Coffee Maker at Urban Outfitters, $50

The Statement Piece

Your desk is where the magic happens. Bring an old-age feel into your home with a vintage Restoration Hardware Heirloom Silver Chest. If you’re an admirer of more minimalist charm, Bloomingdale’s carries incredible modern options like the Mitchell Gold Bob William Desk. Who thought working would be so dreamy?
New Office Space 030
Heirloom Silver-Chest Desk at Restoration Hardware, $25,95
New Office Space 031
Mitchell Gold Bob William Desk at Bloomingdale’s, $4,265

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